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Plecos 2 Too many pictures of these great bottom Dwellers we had to make a new gallery!Enjoy!
Rock Dwellers Rock dwellers from Lake Tanginyka, features many Lamprologus speceis and brichardi type cichlids.
Shell Dwellers Little shell dwellers from Lake Tanginyka!
Tropheus Tropheus species pics
Zebra Plecos We made a special gallery just for this fish as it is a precious gem stone to hobby and everyone should appreciate it be...
Saltwater Species Aquatic Imports Going Salt!
Saltwater Dwarf Angels
Saltwater Large Angels
Saltwater Anglerfish
Saltwater Anthias
Saltwater Basslets
Saltwater Butterflyfish
Saltwater Cardinalfish
Saltwater Clownfish
Saltwater Damsels and Chromis
Saltwater Eels
Saltwater Gobies
Saltwater Groupers
Saltwater hawkfish
Saltwater Hogfish
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