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Altolamprologus sp. Pics of Lake Tanginykan altolamprologus species
Apistogrammas Species These are the South American dwarf cichlids!!!
Aquatic Plants Planted section still under construction....will be up soon.....
Aquariums Around The World Pictures of the Arowana farms and Aquariums around the World!
Bottom Dwellers Clean Up Crew!
Brackish Brackish water fish species!
Earth Eaters Earth Eaters!
Featherfins and Sand Dwellers Fancy featherfin and sand dwellers from Lake Tanginyka, feature the Holy Grail of featherfins, the Benthochromis tricoti...
Frontosa This section features the majestic frontosa cichlids, many different geographical variants offer a variety of color maki...
Hi Fin Banded Shark Some pictures of a HUGE Hi Fin Banded Shark that we shipped to a customer on the Big Island.
Knifefish The World of Knives....
Legendary Blue Eyes Pleco Once thought to have gone extinct from the hobby and not been around for about 10 years! Found in the very romote areas ...
Malawi Haplochromis Includes other Malawi cichlids, moslty the larger Haplochromis species.
Malawi Peacocks Beatiful peacock cichlids from Lake Malawi!
Odd Balls/ Exotics Pics of large odd ball fish and exotics!Enjoy!
Oddballs 2 Too many oddballs!So many pictures! Enjoy the true wonders of the World!
Oddballs 3 More and more oddballs....
Plecos Rare and Exotic Plecos!
Other South American Cichlids Includes pics of the elusive altum angels as well as serverums and more!!
Peacock Bass Peacock Bass!!!!!
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