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platsilverwholebody-1Please Check out these great websites:
Monster Fish Keepers- The Worlds largest public fish forum, dedicated to true fish enthusiast seeking new information about RARE and EXOTIC fish from all around the World.
blueeyemacroCichlid Forums- The largest and most visited Cichlid site on the Web!

Planet Catfish- A great source of information for exotic plecos and bottom dwellers.

Pleco Fanatics- The ultimate pleco community, filled with great pictures and information about rare and exotic plecos!

tigerknifemacro Wet Web Media- Talk to experts in the hobby! Top notch professional marine biologist giving people insights to success!

Predatory Fish Keepers- Singapores Monster fish forums!

hawaiiandragon5Aquatic Predators- Famous for information on large predatory fish. A lot of great articles available.

Aro Fanatics- A forum totally devoted to Arowanas!


Reef Hawaii- A great local saltwater forum for information 

Zebra Plecos- A site devoted specifically to Zebra Plecos! All the information you will need about these colorful and rare fish!