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Silverarowanaalbino15Here at Aquatic Imports Hawaii we take pride in conservation; helping Hawaii promote tank bred or captive bred live stock to fuel Hawaii’s demand in the aquarium hobby and relieving some of the stress on wild caught populations. Aquatic Imports Hawaii is strictly an online retail outlet geared toward helping and serving you, our valued customer, with the enjoyment of these beautiful species found throughout the world. Many have asked about visiting the facility. The warehouse/hatchery is built on my private property, and we do not entertain walk-in business. Our specialties are the exotic African Cichlids from the great lakes of Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika. We also specialize in many of the oddballs and rarities in the hobby, such as the L46 Zebra Plecos. We hope to educate, show, and preserve these native species.  Growing up in the islands and working in the aquarium industry for many years, we’ve come to love and appreciate these divine creatures. Our goal is to bring you the best quality of aquatic life for your money. Our intentions are clearly, to give back to the islands by sharing these rare and exotic fish to the general public.