Custom Built Aquaponics Systems

An aquaponics system is a self-sustaining ecosystem that farmers use to produce vegetables and fresh fish. It’s basically a blend of aquaculture and hydroponics combined into one system. Aquaponic systems are becoming one of the most popular farming techniques and Hawaii's climate provides the perfect year round environment for producing a multitude of vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. The most popularly aquacultured freshwater fish is the golden tilapia. Golden tilapia is popular choices for an aquaponics system due to its quick growth rates, ease of breeding and capable of adapting to a variety of water conditions. Don’t for get good eating!  If you were thinking of adding one of these systems to your home let us help. Our systems are not only efficient and effective but also very aesthetically pleasing and well built. You can create a beautiful garden and fishpond, which not only is nice but also edible and self-sustaining.  Our systems are built to last! We can build these systems to any size, perfect when space is tight or to fill a specific space around your house. Please feel free to email us for quotes and any questions you may have.